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    We are 'Dawn 2 Dawn' a Sterling Silver statement jewelry company that specialises in bringing standout jewelry designs for the modern confident individual. If you want to stand out and be courageous with your look then we are here to help you.

    At Dawn 2 Dawn we are not in the business of cutting corners, all of our workmanship and materials are of the highest order, we are not trying to compete with the plethora of companies out on the market trying to sell products made of cheap base metals for mid to high prices. We produce the finest quality jewelry and we want our customers to feel that quality. Our jewelry is hand made in for that special feeling.

    We are all about living your life, we are not into meditating and wearing tie-dye, we are for the tattooed party hard people that want to live their life to the full (obviously we love you non tattooed people too 😘).

    As our slogan says, ‘Live Life To The Full From Dawn 2 Dawn’ meaning get up go out and have the best day of your life but don’t stop there keep going all night and enjoy the sun rise of the next morning with a sexy person at your side. We are all about having fun, living life.